child contacts

At what age can contact lenses be worn?

Although spectacles have become an increasingly sought after fashion accessory these days, many children would prefer to wear contacts. In some cases, the shift from glasses can improve self-image which can be a major motivator for many young people. Sometimes, it’s not appearance that drives the desire to switch, but sports performance. Although quite safe [...]


A healthy way to start the day

Long commutes and warm weather are two things most of us don’t wish to combine.  Avoiding them however is inevitable, especially when you need to get to and from work on a daily basis! There is however another option, which comes in the shape of a bike!  Not only is it good for you, it [...]


The best body

Deep squats, lunges and walking!  All of the mentioned are great exercises and each certainly work to tone up your legs, bums and tums. Summer is fast approaching and this means it is time to get into shape, especially if you intend to sport an array of summer trends. Deep squats are one of the [...]


Getting into shape fast!

Getting in shape has never been easier, especially now that there are an assortment of fun exercises available! The gym is no longer a daunting environment full to the brim with an array of threatening looking machinery!  It is instead a place that feels welcoming and houses an assortment of softer looking features, such as equipment [...]


How low should you go?

Do chuck for charity A deep V is acceptable when it comes to a daring neckline, what you wear with this neckline is however very important, too much can make you look cheap rather than alluring. Stars that have been seen recently sporting such a look include the likes of Malin Akerman, Kerry Washington, Kristin [...]