The best body

Deep squats, lunges and walking!  All of the mentioned are great exercises and each certainly work to tone up your legs, bums and tums.

Summer is fast approaching and this means it is time to get into shape, especially if you intend to sport an array of summer trends.

Deep squats are one of the best exercises to get your legs into shape.  Many fitness connoisseurs will encourage you to make this exercise your top priority, especially if you wish to wear any of the cutesy shorts available this season.

Start by standing upright and slowly push your hips back.  Place yourself in a position that looks like you are in fact using an invisible chair.  Your legs should reach a right angle.

Hold the above position for as long as you can bare and then return to a standing stance, repeat several times.  If you are feeling extra fit, try and do 12 to 25 repetitions every day.  This particular exercise will create long lean muscles in no time.

Lunges are another must-try exercise!  This is another exercise that will keep your legs looking long and lean.

In order to perform the above exercise, simply stride forward with your foot and drop one knee to the floor, both legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Swap legs and perform the same routine using the opposite foot.  Try and aim for 15 each time.

Walking is an easy yet very beneficial exercise and one that can be tuned into your everyday life quite easily.

Whether you skip the bus and walk to work or do a few laps around the block simply put a fast and upbeat song on your iPod and walk to the beat!

A fast track will actually make you walk faster and this will also increase your heart rate!  Power walking is not quite as draining as a run yet it will still work your legs out!