Body News

Our bodies are constantly changing as we grow older and it is because of this reason that many of us go the extra length to keep them looking youthful and beautiful.


So what are the essentials to keeping you looking and feeling fabulous?  First up you need a goal, what is it that you wish to achieve in regards to your shape and style?  For example, do you desire shapely legs, toned upper arms, a flatter tum or a more curvaceous figure?


Having an image of what you wish to achieve will in fact inspire you to reach that goal.  Once you have achieved your, you can then ditch both the mental and physical pictures of what you were before!


Some exercises in fact have the ability to set women on the path to the big O.  Both mid workouts and ab exercises are likely to achieve such a sensation.  The vertical knee raising machine is one such machine that woman are dying to use.  The aim behind the exercise is to tone the mid section.  You can do this by resting your elbows on the machine and let your legs dangle down and lift your knees to your chest.


The above exercise tool has in fact been given the name ‘coregasm’.


Stop working such long hours!  A new study has revealed that those that work 11 hours or more a day actually twice as likely to suffer from depression.  So sign out early and go and fill the evening with activities that are care free and fun!  Leaving the office behind at the correct time will also allow you to hit the gym on a regular basis.  The gym is not only a great work out tool; it also acts as a distraction from work pressures and a stressed mind!