A healthy way to start the day

Long commutes and warm weather are two things most of us don’t wish to combine.  Avoiding them however is inevitable, especially when you need to get to and from work on a daily basis!

There is however another option, which comes in the shape of a bike!  Not only is it good for you, it is also proving to be a very stylish activity for 2012!

The style factor is mainly to do with the bikes, which are in fact very snazzy indeed!

Thanks to the interview essay introduction to choose from, it is now in fact possible to look stylish whilst riding to work!

First up, the Pashley Parabike.  This is the perfect bike for a land girl!  It offers a sturdy and military look with a feminine and Girly edge!  Its vintage design is in keeping with today’s trends and its wide handle bar allows room for a basket!

The Kranium Worx is another must-see bike, perfect for those who desire a great looking bike!  With its beautiful champagne shade and it’s sporty exterior, this bike is a grey option for the fashion conscious!

The light frame and structure of this bike makes it quite a speedy number.  This in turn allows those that ride it to knock a few minutes off their commute!

The Schindelhauer Siegfreid is just like the bikes you would expect to see darting around the Netherlands!  The wide and curvaceous handlebars make for a comfortable ride whilst the shiny structure makes it sleek and sophisticated in style!

Mekk is a sleek racing bike that is the preferred option for those that like to nip in and out of the city at high speed! The best thing about this model is its weight; the light structure makes it easy to carry around the busy roads!

The Kranium KR1 Electric is another preferred option, especially for those that have a fair few hills to contend with!  All that is required is a tiny push and the engine kicks in!  This is best suited to straight roads as only then can you really feel its power!