Are Skinny Jeans Right for You?

A nice pair of skinny jeans can make you look stunning in no time. However, when worn by the wrong person, skinny jeans can actually make one look awful as well. That is why in this part we are going to go through some of the details to consider before you choose to wear skinny jeans.

For starters, you need to understand the contour and silhouette of your body first before you can decide whether skinny jeans are right for you. Those of you with bottom-heavy body shape should always choose straight or slightly boot-cut jeans instead; anything too tight, including skinny jeans, must be avoided.

If you are sure you have the right body shape to wear skinny jeans, don’t plunge right in and start wearing them just yet. You still need to make sure the overall look is flattering. People with top-heavy body shape can opt for skinny jeans only when the overall look is properly balanced; bear in mind that wearing tight shirts is definitely not advised for top-heavy body, so achieving the balance can be quite tricky.

So are skinny jeans right for you? The answer may be NO, but it would be a lot better than wearing skinny jeans and looking awful for sure. Those with balanced body shape can safely opt for skinny jeans and look stunning in no time; in this case, the answer to our question is definitely a YES. Plus, skinny jeans can be paired with almost anything, making it perfect for various occasions as well.